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How Pacific International Taekwondo Helps To Develop Good Habits

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To an onlooker Pacific International Taekwondo training looks exciting and fun, and it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a teen or an adult, being able to punch, kick, jump and spar with speed and agility, break boards and execute powerful patterns, while having the added bonuses of being superfit and able to look after yourself is empowering and satisfying.

Learn TaekwondoLearning at Pacific International Taekwondo is a journey made up of learning… practicing… achieving… and progressing.  Students of all ages use this process at each belt level, becoming fitter and stronger at each grade.

The enjoyment is in overcoming a new and tricky movement, controlling your body to move faster, feeling physically stronger, pushing yourself to be more confident when sparring …it’s all about discovering what you can do when you try.  So, by the time you’re ready to apply for your black belt you feel physically fit, you’re confident and you’ve developed the strong mind-set expected of someone ready to become either 1st Dan Black Belt or Junior Black Belt with Pacific International Taekwondo.

The important thing to realise is that the challenge of each grade level is a stepping stone to the next. Enjoy the challenges, they are there for a reason. Don’t ‘cut corners’ on techniques. Learning to deliver movements correctly is what Pacific International Taekwondo is about. It’s that aspect of training that develops the perseverance, self-control and self-discipline Taekwondo is renowned for. So by the time the next grading comes along you know you’re carrying out every required technique correctly.

Practicing mental focus and trying hard is a great habit to develop, it delivers amazing results, not just for Pacific International Taekwondo training, the same habit works successfully on any area of interest.  Of course it’s normal to feel frustrated and discouraged at times but push through those feelings, focus on the goal, that’s how you learn to control your emotions. The grit and ‘never give in’ attitude that you develop with this habit will stay with you for life.

The belts are recognition of a student’s ability. How fast a student gains that ability is up to them. Some people train regularly with a focused attitude keen to progress quickly, others are more relaxed and content to go at a slower pace. It’s your choice.

For both kids and adults Taekwondo really is a never-ending, interesting journey of controlling mind and body, enjoy every moment!


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