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You Don’t Get Into Taekwondo – Taekwondo Gets into You

So, you have decided to ‘get into Taekwondo training’. Well that’s great!
If you have never previously trained in taekwondo what made you think of starting now?
Was it perhaps seeing the exciting high kicks or jumping kicks, the ability to protect yourself, maybe just to lose weight, get fit and look good.
Actually; the reason you begin doesn’t really matter, what actually matters is, why you stay!
Training can ‘get into your blood’, you learn to love it, you work hard, train and sweat, you get tired and you continue to train, you push yourself and push some more, you look back on what you have accomplished and are happy and pleased with yourself. It’s that feeling of accomplishment that makes you pleased with yourself. You practice at home going through patterns or bag work and look forward to the next training session from your instructor. Maybe you must miss a training session and although there’s a genuine reason why, you still feel terrible… welcome to the team, you are becoming a martial artist.
There are millions of taekwondo practitioners throughout the world, some stay on the ‘surface’ and just have a workout, they enjoy the sweat and fight feeling but don’t go into it enough to allow the art to get into them.
All genuine martial artists get as deeply in to it as they can, there are of course many reasons for not being able to train as much as you would wish, sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ but for committed taekwondo students there doesn’t seem to be too many ‘compelling’ reasons not to train.
I hope you are one of the committed few.

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