You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying

You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying
Everyone hopes they will be successful when they take their grading test for the next grade level.
Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, there may be times when you don’t pass.
It could be for many reasons, may be because nervousness made you forget your pattern or you made mistakes during step sparring or free sparring, or the ‘sin of all sins’… you didn’t train and focus enough during the previous months of training practice.
Whatever the reason, become an Edison… Thomas Eddison invented many things the most famous being the light bulb and the phonograph. It took lots and lots of failures on his part until he reached his successes. Be like Eddison, just keep on working on your training skills until you “Get it”
Failing is no more than just being unsuccessful this time. With the help of your instructor fix the problem and get back on track.
It’s pretty-much impossible to get everything right first time. Some people pick-up on techniques faster than others but there’s no doubt that everyone can eventually ‘get-it’
It’s the struggle that makes you strong. If everything you do is easy for you, it’s impossible to build resilience and without resilience, setbacks become insurmountable obstacles.
Always do your best but if you are unsuccessful at grading time, find out the reason why from your instructor and fix it… problem solved… next grading – success.

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