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How to Find Free Taekwondo Classes Near Me

When you ask anyone to name a martial art, Taekwondo is often the first one mentioned. It’s popular in areas like Brisbane because it can be practised by people of all ages as an art, a method of self-defence, a way to improve health and fitness or a combat sport.

Karate is a well-known term for a wide range of martial arts. If you are looking for free karate classes in the Brisbane area, many schools offer them for beginners so that you can get a taste of what it’s all about.

Why Take a Taekwondo Class?

People take Taekwondo classes for a wide variety of reasons. Kids and teens love it because it’s exciting and fun to learn but it can also help instil discipline and improve confidence which obviously appeals to parents. Adults will either take a Taekwondo class to try it out because they’re looking for something different or they want to master a difficult skill or learn how to protect themselves.

Others want to get fit and find martial arts like Taekwondo more engaging and fun than things like aerobics or popping to the gym. It’s also true that there’s a great community that has grown up around martial arts and you’ll meet people from all walks of life.

Different Types of Taekwondo Classes

Most venues offer beginner and intermediate classes in Taekwondo, especially in and around Brisbane. Whether they also provide classes specifically for certain age groups will depend on the instructor and demand from the local community. Taekwondo classes can be for children, teens and adults.

What Happens in a Beginner’s Taekwondo Class?

First of all, you won’t be expected to find the money for a uniform or anything else. Beginner’s trial classes are simply for you to try out. It’s only if you think this is the right activity for you that you need to think about any payment. In the meantime, all you need to do is make sure you are wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

The class will cover the basics and things like warm-ups, how to stand properly, make a fist or deliver a punch. The instructor will try to keep it as interesting as possible without stretching you too far.

Don’t worry, it’s not likely to be static or boring and you should still get a good workout but you need to get the basics right before you move onto more complicated activities and physical contact with an opponent.

Are Taekwondo Classes Free?

If you are a beginner and have never done a martial art in the past, you will quite rightly wonder whether it’s the right discipline for you. People have a wide range of reasons they want to start a martial art. It’s not just about the kudos that’s associated with martial arts or being able to fight.

Some may want to develop their self-defence skills. Others might want an exercise regime that is fun and interesting to explore. Whatever the reason, many enterprises in Brisbane offer one or two free classes to help you make up your mind.

Where Can I Find Free Taekwondo Classes Brisbane?

Most Taekwondo classes advertise online nowadays so a quick search will let you know where these are. Their website will also tell you whether they have free Taekwondo classes and what you can expect from these.

Taekwondo is an amazing discipline to explore. It’s a great way to get fit, meet people and build confidence and discipline as well as skill. The good news is that Brisbane has a healthy and vibrant martial arts community aimed at kids, teens and adults of all abilities and it’s well worth having a go.


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