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Kids Taekwondo near me

A lot of kids love contact sports and getting into play-fights, as any parent will tell you. Getting your child into a martial art like taekwondo not only gives them something exciting and engaging to do but it can also improve discipline, increase focus and encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle that is likely to stay with them for life.

The great news is that Brisbane has a fantastic taekwondo community and there are amazing classes for kids available right now.

Why Taekwondo for Kids?

There’s so much competition when it comes to sport and activities for kids, especially in an area like Brisbane. Parents can be a little reticent about getting their children involved in martial arts but there are several benefits:

  • Taekwondo is not about fighting it is much more about building discipline and focus. Not only that it’s a great way for kids to stay fit.
  • For both boys and girls, taekwondo helps build confidence and is a great environment for children to engage socially with other kids.
  • Taekwondo builds confidence and self-esteem by teaching children the elements of self-defence but also how to control and focus their emotions.
  • It’s a fairly low-cost activity to get involved in. Compared to other sports, there’s not a lot of kit that needs to be purchased.
  • Taekwondo has a great philosophy associated with it that revolves around respect for others and being the best you can be.

The other element that kids value is fun, and taekwondo is definitely a fun activity. Kids today often find themselves doing static activities such as watching TV or playing on a gaming console which is fine in moderation. Taekwondo, however, provides an activity that is physically and mentally rewarding.

What Can You Expect from Kids Taekwondo?

Taekwondo classes for kids in an area like Brisbane are very popular so expect it to be busy as well as exciting. Many Taekwondo schools will offer free classes for beginners. That means your child can take part and see if they like it without it costing you anything.

You don’t need to buy any equipment for those beginner’s classes either. Some loose clothing is more than suitable. If your child loves doing taekwondo and wants to do more classes, then you can think about buying a uniform.

Most beginner’s classes involve kids of different standards so it’s important for the instructor to take this into account. Once your child starts to learn the basic skills, however, tuition can be tailored to their ability and their progress. During an initial class, children will practice different moves and activities without any physical contact.

A lot depends on how old the children are. Younger kids tend to do low impact stuff while teens can start to get into more advanced activities. Of course, instructors have a duty of care to the children they are teaching and some will allow kicking and punching but not sparring until someone has reached a certain grade.

Finding a Kids Taekwondo Class in Brisbane

It’s important to find a taekwondo class where your kid feels comfortable and likes what they are doing.

There is plenty of choice in Brisbane, both on the northside from Dakabin to Arana Hills, on the southside from Dutton Park to Slacks Creek as well as at Toowong in the western suburbs. Many offer free classes which give you the opportunity to find out if this is an activity your child wants to get involved in.


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