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Martial Arts and Movies


Martial arts may be loosely defined as the arts of fighting, where fighting may be with or without weapons. Thus, bare hands and legs, swords, knives, guns, missiles and more can come under the broad definition of a martial art. Therefore, movies featuring action scenes with or without weapons may be broadly classified under martial art movies. A collection of such movies is presented in this article.

Art & Culture has always preserved martial arts in various mediums like cave paintings, pottery, papyrus scrolls, sculptures, paper, songs, dances, and folk tales. With the advent of motion pictures, silent black and white movies were made and thereafter with sound and colour. Nowadays, movies encapsulate stories, dances, songs, scenery, and fight sequences all together to capture all the senses in an explosive colourful audio-visual medium.

The impact of movies on martial arts and vice-versa is notable in both its popularity and its widespread usage. Martial arts and movies have developed a close bond that offers not only entertainment but also instruction as well. With internet, movies have crossed geographical borders and have found new technological mediums for its creation, distribution, and viewing.

The purpose of this article is to compile some notable martial arts movies, either in full or in clips, as available, so that they can be viewed during the ongoing Christmas holidays. There are many excellent movies and displaying all of them is beyond the scope of this article. Nonetheless, the following may prove interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Note: For foreign language films, please click the CC or the settings button and adjust the sub-titles to show English, for reading and understanding the dialouges.


itz me Emmanuel video “Samson full movie | the strongest man in the Bible | itz me Emmanuel”:


FEATURE FILM video “HERKULES the movie (1958) | ADVENTURE movies | Hercules full movie | classic movies | Hero movies”:

MOVIEHOLIC video “ALEXANDER THE GREAT | William Shatner | Adam West | Full Length Adventure Movie | English | HD”:

Film&Clips video “The Trojan Horse – Full Movie by Film&Clips”:

FuffClips video “The last battle of Leonidas and his troops. 300”:


Flick Vault – Full HD Movies for Free video “The Fall of the Roman Empire | Full HD Movies For Free | Flick Vault”:

Now Playing video “Julius Caesar 1970 ★ Charlton Heston ★ Full Movie HD”:

Universal Pictures video “Gladiator | Most Epic Scenes From Gladiator”:


Lotus Compilations video “Genghis Khan (1965) 720p BluRay FULL MOVIE”:


GLO video “EL CID – TOTAL MOVIE [16X9]”:


Hertogdom Gelderland video “A Bridge Too Far (1977 )”:

cinama 19z video “saving private ryan movies full”:


solopeliculas ! video “Rocky Balboa 1976”:


Stephen Doyle video “Historic Taekwon-Do Instructional Film (Full video)”:


BUNKAI KARATE video “Karate – Old school training”:

Maquina 19 84 video “Harakiri / Masaki Kobayashi, 1962 Español”:

n99 video “Miyamoto Musashi (AKA The Swordsman AKA 宮本武蔵) (1944) (English Subtitles)”:

All sort of movies video “Seven Samurai (1954) | Full movie under 10 min”:

Karl video “The Last Samurai last battle HIGH”:


JIMALAKA video “ENTER THE DRAGON – Every fight scene (Bruce Lee)”:

Martial Arts Action Movies video “Best MARTIAL ARTS Action Movies #1 _ Fist of Fury _ Kung Fu Movie _ Bruce Lee _ English Subtile”:

Primetime English Movies video “IP MAN 3 – Hollywood Blockbuster English Action Movie | English Movies | Donnie Yen | Mike Tyson”:

Robinson Bryan Aguirre Salazar video “Las 36 cámaras de Shaolin || Español Latino || HD”:

PinoyTV video “The Legend of Drunken Master Jackie Chan Full Movie”:

All Action video “Jet Li’s Fearless (2006) All Fight Scenes Compilation | All Action”:

Scene City video “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Jen vs. Shu Lien Sword Fight (Michelle Yeoh Fight Scene)”:


Wild Westerns video “Full Movie | Mackenna’s Gold | Wild Westerns”:

Star Entertainment English video “The Magnificent Seven – Full Movie In English | Hollywood Movies | Hollywood Classic Movies”:


the land of movie video “|Keanu Reeves|john wick 2014 chapter 1 |full movie |Except for 100 better movies”:

Godgift Nyarkoh video “Jackie Chan – Rush Hour 2 – Best Action Movie 2023 full movie English – New Action Movies 2023”:

Action Clips. video “Karate Kid Final Fight. Dre Parker vs Cheng.// Karate kid 2010 // Kung fu Fight // Jackie Chan.”:

CoolWaterCar video “”Kill Bill” Uma Thruman sword fight with Lucy liu”:


The aim of this article was to show how martial arts have been popularized and utilized in movies, and also to provide some full movies or clips, as freely available, to enjoy in this Christmas holiday. For a happy ending, perhaps a dash of humour?

Mr Bean video “Judo Class | Mr. Bean Official”:

FEATURE FILM video “CHARLIE CHAPLIN – The Champion (1915 HD) | Best Charlie Chaplin Comedy Videos | Silent Movie”:


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