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Outstanding Benefits of Martial Arts for Children


Children have a high level of energy that needs to be channelized productively. School, sports, and extracurricular activities are some of the channels by which children can expend their energies fruitfully. Martial arts is also a socially accepted channel for children to release their energy in a beneficial way. All these channels work synergistically and thus, a child who improves in any one channel also simultaneously improves in all the other channels. There are many outstanding benefits of martial arts for children, and few are listed below.

kuro-obi world video “Karate kids basic training! (Aomori, Japan)”:

Learning values and tenets

All traditional martial arts have values and tenets, which children imbibe from instructors and other students.

The tenets of Taekwon-Do are:
1. Courtesy (Ye Ui)
2. Integrity (Yom Chi)
3. Perseverance (In Nae)
4. Self-Control (Guk Gi)
5. Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgool)

Children learn all the above tenets besides moral culture by pursuing Taekwon-Do.

Olympics video “11 time World Champ, at twelve years old! Ft. Channah Zeitung | Her Game | Ep. 1”:

Becoming physically fit

Children are of all body types from lean to obese, and whatever be their body type, martial arts certainly improves their level of physical fitness. With increased fitness, they are more likely to participate in sports and extracurricular activities. Flexibility, balance, and posture are significantly improved by martial arts.

최재도 video “호동태권도 도구활용교육 TATOOL TAEKWONDO”:

Gaining concentration

Movements in martial arts like stances, blocks, punches, and kicks, need concentration for successful execution. When children practice these movements, their concentration is improved, which also reflects in their getting higher academic grades.

ericdaryl video “2017 China Open Group Poomsae,Young Junior 1st,Dragon Kids,2017 中国跆拳道公开赛 团体品势 少年组 冠军 龙拳小子 林秋楠 文志 董靖坤”:

Learning Self-Defense

With self-defense techniques of martial arts, children gain the ability to defend themselves. Self-defense also helps them to effectively confront bullies, if required.

GracieBreakdown video “Why EVERY Child Needs Jiu Jitsu”:

Becoming disciplined

Any traditional martial art has a pre-defined structure and by following this structure, the children become more disciplined. By being disciplined in martial arts classes, they imbibe the value and the habit of discipline. They realise that higher belts and skill levels can be achieved only if they are disciplined. This realisation that discipline can achieve desired objectives, helps them to achieve greater objectives, targets, and milestones in whichever field that they may choose to pursue in their lives.

Goldthread video “Child Kungfu Masters Part 1: Inside the Mysterious Shaolin Temple where Training Starts”:

Becoming responsible

When children understand that a punch has the effect of being hurt or hurting someone, then they simultaneously understand the relationship between cause and effect. This makes them accountable for their actions. Accountability makes them responsible. Over time, they grow up to be responsible citizens who can contribute productively to the society. They also develop showmanship and stage confidence for showing off their skills.

Bruce Ryu video “Ryusei(5year old)performed Bruce Lee’s style Nunchaku on martial arts event”:

Enhancing coordinated motor skills

Martial movements need coordination between the different parts of the body. Some movements are fast, while some are slow. Additionally, some movements need changes in direction and all these together improve the coordination of the motor skills of children.

Pacific International Taekwondo video “DO SAN”:

Having fun while exercising

Martial arts is a fun-filled activity for children. They have fun and also remain healthy through various exercises. Being active in the martial arts class promotes their appetite and they also learn to eat a healthy diet. A martial arts class for children is filled with fun and pleasant surprises while practicing complex moves or breaking boards.

DailyPicksandFlicks video “3-Year-Old Tries to Break Board in Taekwondo | Taekwondo Kid”:

Improving memory

Sequences in martial arts movements need to be memorized and this helps them to improve their memorization skills. With an improved memory they can easily remember essential information like their home address and parent’s phone numbers. Greater retention also helps them in their schoolwork.

Pacific International Taekwondo video “What these kids did was AMAZING…”:

Becoming a team player

Although martial arts is largely focused on individual self-development, yet there are many movements that require efficient teamwork. Children imbibe the value of teamwork and become an effective team player. Being a team player affects them positively in social interactions and later in their chosen careers.

National Geographic video “36,000 Kids You Don’t Want to Mess With | Short Film Showcase”:

Giving and getting respect

A core value in all martial arts is respect. Right from the very first day, students of martial arts are introduced to the martial arts bow, which symbolizes giving and getting respect. Children gain first hand knowledge of how it feels to give and get respect. This value lasts them for their entire lives and they readily show respect to their parents, teachers, elders and peers, which in turn makes them also respectable. Children try to excel in their practice and get more respect as they advance.

Top10 videosworld video “10 Real Life Martial Artist Kids Age is Just A Number for Them”:

Increasing confidence and self-esteem

With a fit body, knowledge of self-defence techniques, and enhanced responsibility, children gain tremendous confidence and self-esteem. In all their future endeavours, they tackle all problems with confidence and emerge successful. They become confident enough to take on even someone who is much older to them.

Kyoot video “Brave Kid Saves Little Girl’s Life”:

Enhancing social skills

Children learn to interact with seniors, peers, and juniors in a respectable way, which increases their social skills.

Pacific International Taekwondo video “Taekwondo children’s class”:


Martial arts provide innumerable benefits to all age groups. Children, teenagers, adults and seniors, all are benefited.

Pacific International Taekwondo video “Martial Art Training for Adults – What’s In It For Me?”:


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