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Patterns (Tul) in Taekwon-Do: An Introduction


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“Patterns are various fundamental movements, most of which represent either attack or defense techniques, set to a fixed and logical sequence.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.9, p.13)

Taekwon-Do: The Art of Self-Defence

In the book, “Taekwon-Do:The Art of Self-Defence”, written by Choi Hong Hi and published by Daeha Publication Company: Seoul, Korea, in 1965, the patterns are given in two styles of schools, namely:

1. The Ch’ang-Hŏn School (ch’ang-hŏn yu)
2. The Sho-Rin and Sho-Rei Schools (sorim mit soryŏng yu)

The patterns in both types of schools, as given in the above mentioned book are as follows:


12. The Ch’ang-Hŏn School (ch’ang-hŏn yu) (p.174)
—chŏn-ji (p.176)
—tan-gun (p.178)
—to-san (p.179)
—wŏn-hyo (p.180)
—yul-kok (p.182)
—chung-gŭn (p.184)
—t’oi-gye (p.186)
—hwa-rang (p.188)
—ch’ung-mu (p.190)
—kwang-gae (p.192)
—p’o-ŭn (p.194)
—kae-baek (p.196)
—yu-sin (p.198)
—ch’ung-jang (p.201)
—ŭl-ji (p.204)
—sam-il (p.206)
—kodang (p.208)
—ch’oi-yŏng (p.210)
—se-jong (p.212)
—t’ong-il (p.213)

13. The Sho-Rin and Sho-Rei Schools (sorim mit soryŏng yu) (p.216)
—hei-an (p.217)
—bat-sai (p.222)
—en-bi (p.224)
—ro-hai (p.226)
—kouh-shang-kouh (p.228)
—tet-ki (p.231)
—jit-te (p.235)
—hang-getsu (p.236)
—ji-on (p.238)

Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do (Vols. 1–15)

Thereafter, in 1985, fifteen volumes were printed as “Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do (Vols. 1–15)” written by Gen. Choi Hong Hi, and published by International Taekwon-Do Federation: Vienna. In these volumes, the patterns given are as follows:

—Chon-Ji (Vol.VIII, p.119)
—Dan-Gun (Vol.VIII, p.169)
—Do-San (Vol.VIII, p.225)
—Won-Hyo (Vol.IX, p.35)
—Yul-Gok (Vol.IX, p.102)
—Joong-Gun (Vol.IX, p.211)
—Toi-Gye (Vol.X, p.33)
—Hwa-Rang (Vol.X, p.137)
—Choong-Moo (Vol.X, p.205)
—Kwang-Gae (Vol.XI, p.35)
—Po-Eun (Vol.XI, p.131)
—Ge-Baek (Vol.XI, p.219)
—Eui-Am (Vol.XII, p.37)
—Choong-Jang (Vol.XII, p.145)
—Juche (Vol.XII, p.273)
—Sam-Il (Vol.XIII, p.29)
—Yoo-Sin (Vol.XIII, p.109)
—Choi-Yong (Vol.XIII, p.257)
—Yon-Gae (Vol.XIV, p.33)
—Ul-Ji (Vol.XIV, p.147)
—Moon-Moo (Vol.XIV, p.245)
—So-San (Vol.XV, p.29)
—Se-Jong (Vol.XV, p.185)
—Tong-Il (Vol.XV, p.281)

Nowadays, generally ITF schools follow the 24 patterns as given in the “Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do (Vols. 1–15)”. 

Direction Diagram (Bang Hyang Pyo)

Patterns are performed on the four directions as shown below. All patterns are performed assuming that the student is standing on line AB and facing D.

“The 24 patterns represent 24 hours, one day, or all my life.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.9, p.14)

There are a total of 24 tuls in Taekwon-Do. They are named after Korean important people or historical events.

Ranks, Order of Belts for the 24 Patterns (tuls)

“Since each pattern has a close relationship with the fundamental exercise, students, therefore, should practice the patterns according to the following graduation to attain the maximum results with the least effort.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.9, p.18)

Beginner or 10th gup can practice Four Direction Punch (Saju Jirugi) and Four Direction Block (Saju Makgi).

1. Name of Tul: CHON-JI
Rank: 9th Gup
Order of Belt: White/Yellow Stripe

2. Name of Tul: DAN-GUN
Rank: 8th Gup
Order of Belt: Yellow

3. Name of Tul: DO-SAN
Rank: 7th Gup
Order of Belt: Yellow/Green Stripe

4. Name of Tul: WON-HYO
Rank: 6th Gup
Order of Belt: Green

5. Name of Tul: YUL-GOK
Rank: 5th Gup
Order of Belt: Green/Blue Stripe

6. Name of Tul: JOONG-GUN
Rank: 4th Gup
Order of Belt: Blue

7. Name of Tul: TOI-GYE
Rank: 3rd Gup
Order of Belt: Blue/Red Stripe

8. Name of Tul: HWA-RANG, and basic exercise Four Direction Thrust (Saju Tulgi)
Rank: 2nd Gup
Order of Belt: Red

9. Name of Tul: CHOONG-MOO
Rank: 1st Gup
Order of Belt: Red/Black Stripe

10. Name of Tul: KWANG-GAE
Rank: 1st Dan
Order of Belt: Black

11. Name of Tul: PO-EUN
Rank: 1st Dan
Order of Belt: Black

12. Name of Tul: GE-BAEK
Rank: 1st Dan
Order of Belt: Black

13. Name of Tul: EUI-AM
Rank: 2nd Dan
Order of Belt: Black

14. Name of Tul: CHOONG-JANG
Rank: 2nd Dan
Order of Belt: Black

15. Name of Tul: JUCHE
Rank: 2nd Dan
Order of Belt: Black

16. Name of Tul: SAM-IL
Rank: 3rd Dan
Order of Belt: Black

17. Name of Tul: YOO-SIN
Rank: 3rd Dan
Order of Belt: Black

18. Name of Tul: CHOI-YONG
Rank: 3rd Dan
Order of Belt: Black

19. Name of Tul: YON-GAE
Rank: 4th Dan
Order of Belt: Black

20. Name of Tul: UL-JI
Rank: 4th Dan
Order of Belt: Black

21. Name of Tul: MOON-MOO
Rank: 4th Dan
Order of Belt: Black

22. Name of Tul: SO-SAN
Rank: 5th Dan
Order of Belt: Black

23. Name of Tul: SE-JONG
Rank: 5th Dan
Order of Belt: Black

24. Name of Tul: TONG-IL
Rank: 6th Dan
Order of Belt: Black

Important points for performing patterns

1. A pattern should start and end at exactly the same spot. This indicates the accuracy of the performer.
2. Posture and facing should be correct at all times.
3. At proper critical moments, the muscles should be either relaxed or tensed.
4. There should be rhythmic movement without any stiffness.
5. According to the instructions, movement should be accelerated or decelerated.
6. Before moving on to the next pattern, the previous pattern should be perfected.
7. The purpose of each movement should be thoroughly known.
8. Each movement should be performed with realism.
9. Equal distribution of attack and defense techniques should take place among right and left limbs.


1. Choi H. H. (1965) “Taekwon-Do:The Art of Self-Defence”, Daeha Publication Company: Seoul, Korea.
2. Gen. Choi, H. H. (1985). Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do (Vols. 1–15). International Taekwon-Do Federation: Vienna.



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