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Social Training For Knowledge

Peculiar headline isn’t it?

Whether you realise it or not, that’s exactly what you do every time you attend class training.If you have ever trained in a fitness centre you probably have at some stage used the exercise bike and treadmill. Most people don headphones and watch the TV screen when using this equipment, because it tends to be a pretty boring and mind numbing exercise. Your body is working but your mind is not engaged in the exercise. That’s the reason for the high drop-out rate at fitness centres.

Studies show that people stick with and enjoy their training more when they are engaged socially and learn something as they train. It’s the feeling of belonging to a group who have the same aims and the same highs and lows in training that you do. I call it “Social Training for Knowledge” and it works.

It’s about being able to interact with people who work with you as you train. They hold hand pads and body shields for you so you can increase your speed power and focus. They are your sparring partners, your self-defence partners. These are the people you grin with when you are being pushed to do more. You are all in the same boat, you’re comrades in training and you all know what each is feeling because you’re all part of that one group.

It doesn’t matter that there are different levels of expertise, because everyone there is striving to be the best they can be. It’s a great feeling.

Training like this is a great social leveller. The person you are training with may be a technician, a trades person, labourer business owner, company CEO.

None of that matters, for in this environment, everyone is a training partner. Each relies on the other to help them improve, get fitter, perfect techniques and learn, learn, learn.

Master Dicks

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