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Welcome to 2014

IMG_8978Welcome to 2014
I would like to wish all our members all the very best for the coming year.
Most of you will work hard enough to successfully grade through four kup levels this year and others will become black belts… exciting isn’t it?
When you grade successfully it gives you a great feeling of pride and satisfaction and spurs you on to do more.
Training and learning with Pacific International Taekwondo is challenging… more challenging than at many other martial art schools, but it’s definitely an achievable challenge.
Q. So Why do we want you to be challenged instead of making it easy for you?
A. Because going for the challenge and training through its ups and downs is the part of training that makes you stronger internally. It’s the part of training that will stay with you always. It’s true that some students feel frustrated and quit before winning the challenge and that’s a pity, but it’s their choice. That internal strength that comes from persevering, lifts your confidence and self belief and encourages you to strive in all areas of your life. Without that challenge you would not have the feeling of satisfaction and achievement you should feel each time you’re promoted and know that you’ve not been ‘given’ anything… you’ve earned it.
Our instructors don’t just stand in front of the class shouting commands, they teach and explain and if you still don’t get it they teach and explain again…and again until you do get it. That’s what makes us different.
There’s an old saying… “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy” and it’s so true, so let’s set some training goals for ourselves and make sure we do what’s necessary to achieve them this coming year.
Master Dicks.

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