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Being Strong Takes Far More Than Just Muscle

I have always found it difficult to understand, why, when someone has an injury, they cease all training. Of course if the injury is serious, such as a car crash or other disabling accident then of course there must be time to recuperate. However if the injury is a sore muscle or perhaps a small laceration or sprained wrist; well that should just be an inconvenience, train anyway. Why? Because training through a niggling injury is character building.

Getting used to pushing through setbacks is a proven way to succeed in your endeavours whether that’s a training goal, a goal to be successful at the next grading, a goal to improve your school class grades, a work promotion, or a financial goal. It doesn’t matter what the goal, what matters is the strength of mind and character you must acquire to reach it.

You have to try and fail and try and fail and keep on trying until you succeed.

So to get back to our ‘niggling injury’ if you have a problem with your hand or hands, then when you’re training in your branch let your instructor know what the problem is and focus on kicking techniques and don’t use your hands. Will you find it a bit of a problem and a nuisance? Yes of course, but here’s the benefit, you won’t be able to work on bettering and strengthening your hand technique, but you will your kicks and more importantly your strength of spirit.

Is gaining that strength of spirit important enough to put up with the inconvenience and perhaps a little pain? Yes absolutely, that spirit is what is required to enable you to achieve black belt.

There are many who train up to close to black belt level but can’t quite get the final ‘step’.

The secret is developing mental strength as you go through your training, meeting hurdles and overcoming them, training yourself to never give-in.

If you can train yourself to keep going despite the problems, you will become a truly strong person in every sense of the word.

Master Dicks

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