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Telehealth and Telemedicine for martial artists


Telemedicine generally signifies remote clinical services, while telehealth usually signifies both clinical and non-clinical remote services. Telehealth connotes a broader scope of remote healthcare services. Telehealth/ telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare services by using secure videoconference technology, so that the patient can see, hear and speak to a doctor via digital media.

Both telehealth and telemedicine may help martial artists in injury prevention, early diagnosis, speedy treatment, and effective rehabilitation, so that they can resume their martial arts practice, without losing much time.

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Why do martial artists need telehealth/ telemedicine?

In martial arts, injuries are common. Mastery of fundamental movements help to keep injuries away to a very large extent, but still, injuries, both minor and major, do happen.

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When a martial artist is injured, then immediate medical attention is required. If doctors are present on site, then the situation is appropriately handled by them. But, sometimes, doctors are not present, and reaching a doctor or a clinic may take time to travel. In such instances, telehealth can play an extremely useful role. Due to this and many other benefits, telehealth is now being increasingly used in sports of all kinds, including martial arts.

Benefits of telehealth/ telemedicine to martial artists

Telehealth/ telemedicine provides several benefits to martial artists and to sports persons. Few benefits are listed below:

It is convenient

With only a mobile phone having an internet connection, a martial artist can get in touch with a healthcare professional. For example, a wrong landing after a flying kick can twist and sprain the ankle. The martial artist can simply use the mobile phone and contact a doctor. There is no need to travel to the doctor’s clinic.

It enables record management

Telehealth apps on mobile phones, tablets, and computers can provide easy access to the health records, so that health information may be shared with other healthcare providers, if required. Sometimes, for recovery from injuries, medical information needs to the shared with physiotherapists, who can easily view the information in the app, without the martial artist having to send it to them.

It reduces traveling costs

Since no visits are made to the clinic, there is no travel involved, which reduces the cost. However, some visits may be necessary, thus, the traveling cost is reduced but may not be entirely eliminated.

It is private

Sometimes, martial artists may feel uncomfortable discussing about their injuries or illnesses in a traditional clinical setup. In such instances, telehealth provides the required privacy.

It gives more time for other activities

Digital videoconferencing can be done within minutes, which saves appointment, travel, and waiting times at the clinic. The time saved can be used for other activities.

It enables preventive care

Prevention is always better than cure, and preventive checkups and consultations with a doctor can be done with telehealth, so that potential health problems can be detected early and prevented. For example, a martial artist may think that a sprained ankle has cured, but in fact, it may not have been fully cured. Practicing with a not fully cured ankle may lead to further injury and other complications. With telehealth, the martial artist can know if the sprained ankle is fully cured or needs more time, without going to any clinic.

It provides non-emergency healthcare

Telehealth is very well suited for non-emergency situations like bruises, strains, sprains, muscle cramps, headaches, and other minor injuries; while emergency situations like a fracture, ligament tear, etc., would require a personal visit to a healthcare facility.

Lee Health video “The Benefits of Telehealth Visits”:

It can give instantaneous care

Any trauma may take place while practicing martial arts. If immediate care is available, then it can considerably affect the recovery time of the injury. With telemedicine, a licensed healthcare specialist is available within a few minutes only. This instant medical attention can provide a fast diagnosis and a speedy treatment.

Ohio State Wexner Medical Center video “Telehealth Immediate Care | Ohio State Medical Center”:

(Department of Health) WA Health video “Emergency Telehealth Service saving lives – patient experience”:

It provides access to a worldwide medical community

Telehealth can provide access to a worldwide network of healthcare professionals. It is possible to have consultations from doctors present in the same city, other cities, or even other countries. With qualified help from such a huge network, the martial artist can recover faster and go back to the training much quicker.

Yale Medicine video “The Benefits of Telehealth at Yale Medicine”:

It can offer expert strategies for pain management

An injury is an unfortunate happening, but it is possible in all sporting activities. The chances are more in martial arts due to its different attacking and defensive techniques. Wearing sufficient protective gear and performing the techniques in a no-contact or a semi-contact manner, reduces the chances of injury; nonetheless, if an injury occurs, then telehealth can certainly help. The pain from the injury has to be managed effectively, so that a faster recovery time is achieved. With telehealth, an expert strategy for pain management can be easily obtained.

Forest Park video “Telemedicine with Pain Management Specialist Dr. Jay Ellis”:

It enables efficient rehabilitation

A well-structured rehabilitation is crucial for a fast recovery. With telehealth services, martial artists can find the appropriate program for their rehabilitation and quick recovery.

McDonough District Hospital video “MDH TeleHealth Services – Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation”:

It can help overcome mental problems

Sometimes, martial artists may go in a temporary depression due to losing a competition, or not getting a technique correctly, or not being able to practice due to some injury. Whatever may be the reason, the martial artist needs to come out it and telehealth can provide consultations with mental health specialists, who can help to overcome the mental problem and also boost the confidence level of the martial artist.

Texas A&M University video “Telehealth – Closing the Mental Health Care Gap”:


Telehealth and telemedicine can certainly provide effective health care, especially in remote areas. However, the convenience is best suited for minor health problems, and for major health problems, a visit to the healthcare facility would be necessary. Martial artists and other sports persons are increasingly using telehealth and telemedicine, so that they can recover faster and come back to their training sessions in a lesser time.

TheRANDCorporation video “Pros and Cons of Telehealth”:

Disclaimer: This article is not reviewed by any medical professional and thus, it may not be medically accurate. It is also in no way responsible for any injury, loss or damage however arising from the use of or reliance on the information provided herein. Readers are advised to consult their doctor for any telehealth/ telemedicine services that they may need. This article does not support, endorse, or advertise any telehealth/ telemedicine services or products, in any manner.


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