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Stress and Anxiety and Taekwondo

Using Martial Arts to Combat Teens Health Issues

Teenagers face plenty of challenges in the process of growing from kid to adult. It’s not surprising many say they feel anxious or even depressed. They face the challenges of academic pressure combined with satisfying parental expectations and maybe feelings of uncertainty about their future. Then there is the difficulty of keeping on track with friends and social media. It’s not surprising teens feel stressed! They need coping skills, – a way to let off steam, to enjoy healthy exercise, to refresh, re-energise and build a positive outlook.

This is where teens Taekwondo Brisbane can help.

Boys and girls are drawn to teens Taekwondo classes for different reasons, but most are attracted by the thought of being able to carry out the fast and exciting kicks, strikes and jumps. Maybe at the back of their mind they’re also aware that Taekwondo is about self-defence, learning to move your body in different ways to defend yourself – blocking, kicking, striking and jumping to avoid being hurt by an attacker. That’s useful at any age.

Taekwondo class, teens sparring

Our teens Taekwondo classes teach the Art of Taekwondo in a positive atmosphere that builds resilience and coping skills. The reason it can do all these things is because it is not a sport or a game. The skills-based training works effectively in real life when it’s needed. So, it’s a practical and meaningful way to exercise. It makes sense to get into Taekwondo classes with Pacific International Taekwondo for anyone that doesn’t enjoy conventional fitness programs.

Class training is about learning all parts of Taekwondo; the strong defense techniques, exciting free-sparring, dynamic jumping and flying kicks and the focused hyungs (patterns).

Each part of our teens Taekwondo classes delivers its own type of result. The strong defence techniques provide class members with the ability to defend themselves when they need to. With regular practise they feel stronger and so look less vulnerable and defenceless. That’s valuable for personal safety.

Taekwondo’s exciting free sparring is energising. It inspires students to be gutsy and face up to an opponent. Sparring in a teens Taekwondo class is non-aggressive. Opponents are friendly class members, so there is just the right amount of risk to grow students’ courage and confidence, in a safe environment.

Jumping kicks look like acrobatics and tricks but the reality is that jumping and flying kicks are an amazing way to build an ‘I can do this’ attitude and overcome self-doubt. In the Art of Taekwondo, it doesn’t matter how high or far a person can jump, or even if their feet don’t leave the ground! Just start where you are, and even if something is difficult – try it anyway. It’s all about trying to accomplish things that seems out of reach, and improving as you practise.

The patterns or hyungs in a teens Taekwondo class teach students a to carry out a specific set of movements with power, speed and accuracy. It takes a focused mindset to deliver a pattern well. That same kind of focus is needed to learn in any classroom, so students sometimes find their concentration span at school increases through their Taekwondo training.

So, learning the ATeens Taekwondo class Brisbanert of Taekwondo in our teens Taekwondo classes is all about trying to achieve goals that seems out of reach, accepting that some things take time, giving it your best shot, being patient with yourself and finally being pleased by your achievements.

There isn’t a way to avoid parts of the experience and reach the end successfully. The ups and downs are the parts of it that build resilience and coping skills. It’s designed that way to strengthen us mentally and physically. Just know that your instructor is there to help and support you. And you’re surrounded by other class members trying their best and feeling the same emotional ups and downs you’re feeling. It makes you part of a strong group of friends and gives you a positive sense of belonging.

If you’re asking yourself if our Teens Taekwondo classes are a good fit for you, check it out. It’s easy to give it a try, there’s no cost and nothing to buy during the try-out classes. What have you got to lose and it may be just what you’ve been looking for.






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