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Training Every Day is Demanding!!! Not if You Train Daily Like This

Some people get really involved with their training, that’s a good thing by the way, and they train every day and that can also be a good thing provided it’s done correctly.

If you train hard and I do mean hard, every day the chances are you will increase your chances of injury. If you’re under 25 years of age it probably won’t trouble you too much because your recuperative powers are high, your body works at optimum levels when you’re that age.

Unfortunately that doesn’t last and as you get older, constant hard and intense training can take a toll on joints, ligaments and muscles.

However you can train daily if you vary the intensity of your workout.

Some days really get into it hard, maximum power and extension in kicks, punches and strikes. Get your heart rate elevated, the sweat dripping and the breathing fast and hard.

On the other days, practice relatively slowly. Train to ‘feel’ the technique, coordinate the different parts of your body to work in unison to make the techniques flow. Focus on balance, breathing and correct execution of technique. Practice using different or less frequently used combination techniques. Now is the time to work on your weak points to make them stronger.

When you train like this you will find your focus and interest levels increase because of the different feel of your training and the time will pass quickly because your mind is totally focused on the learning aspect rather than totally on the physical workout.

You’ll be surprised at how refreshing and uplifting this type of workout can be and you only need do 20 minutes to get great benefits.

Here are some workout ideas to try…

  • Raise your knee and pivot
  • Hold your extended leg out as in side kick and hold for 30 seconds
  • Go through one pattern slowly thinking about using each of the movements.
  • Practice 3 types of double kicks Double side: turning back kicks.
  • Focus on hand speed (no power – tensing) just fast.
  • Balance practice using slow kicks
  • Push-ups
  • Variety of sit-ups

Training can be tough, even like this, so don’t beat yourself up if you feel it’s not a real workout; it’s just tough in a different way.

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