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Which martial arts make you fit?

One of the reasons why people do martial arts is to get fit. Taekwondo exercises, for example, improve core strength, build muscles in the legs, arms and chest and boost lung capacity as well as improve stamina and mental health.

At our Taekwondo classes in Brisbane, learners are often surprised how many parts of the body the sport exercises. If you’re looking for a fun, all-round exercise, Taekwondo certainly ticks all the boxes.

How do martial arts make you fit?

Most martial arts, while they’re superficially about self-defence and combat, are also pretty intensive and about mental and personal growth. The good news is that you can start slow and build up over time as you learn new moves, gradually building your fitness levels.

Areas of the body that martial arts work well on are the legs, improving muscle strength and speed and agility. It’s a full strength and conditioning aerobic workout that many people enjoy because it’s so different. But that’s not where it begins and ends. You’ll improve your upper body strength and core as well.

Why Taekwondo exercises make you fit?

Taekwondo exercises in particular are good for building fitness levels in a very short time. Even in a beginner class, you are going to feel the burn.

It’s one of the main reasons why many adults join our classes in Brisbane. Some are trying to get back to their full potential and lose some weight, others are looking to maximise their already decent fitness levels.

Kicks require strong muscles and to master all levels of the sport takes a good deal of work and energy. Many people find going to the gym or doing squats at home a little boring. Taekwondo gives you motivation because it’s such a fun activity to take part in whether you’re a kid or teen or an adult.

Great Taekwondo exercises before your first class

If you practice Taekwondo regularly you should see your health and wellbeing improve quickly. It’s not just your physical performance that will benefit but your mental health will get a boost too.

Starting classes can put a strain on your body, especially if your activity has dropped in recent times. There are some Taekwondo exercises that you can do to get you ready, however:

  • Get your lungs ready by some serious aerobic exercise. A good all-round one is jumping jacks which not only gets your heart rate and stamina up but also works the whole body. Another fun activity is to do some skipping.
  • Stretching is an important part of Taekwondo exercises as they prepare you for more strenuous activities such as punching and kicking.
  • Your core and upper body strength are also important. Simple press-ups and sit-ups can make a big difference to your Taekwondo practice. The good news is you can do them anywhere.
  • If you don’t want anything too strenuous, you can use your body weight to improve strength and conditioning. One way to do this is to invest in some wrist and ankle weights for when you go for a walk.

When you start attending lessons, your instructor will be able to tell you which Taekwondo exercises will be best for you. Most classes, for example, start with stretching and warming up so participants don’t get any injuries.

As you progress, you’ll find more intensive exercise choices that will help improve your performance.

Find Taekwondo classes in Brisbane

There’s nothing more exciting than going to your first Taekwondo class. Whether you’re a kid, teen or adult, there are amazing classes taking place during the week in Brisbane. From Bracken Ridge to Nambour and Dutton Park and on to Slacks Creek, there’s almost definitely a class near you.

If you want to get fit, Taekwondo exercises are not only a great way to get an aerobic workout but they’re fun as well.


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