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Beginner Taekwondo Class for Teens

Taekwondo beginner martial arts classes allow teenagers with no prior Taekwondo or martial arts training to learn the basics of the martial art as well as gain confidence.

During these beginner classes the instructor will teach at a slower pace which helps the new students understand all the requirements of the Taekwondo techniques. Below we look at what happens in a beginner Taekwondo class, specifically for teens.


Learning a new skill can be a daunting prospect so it is perfectly normal to feel a little nervous. On arrival at your class, you will be met by your instructor who will introduce you to the assistant instructors who will be taking the class.

You will also get to meet the other students, some of whom may be in the same boat as you. This can be a good chance to ask them how they found their first Taekwondo class.


Taekwondo is a very demanding activity, you cannot go straight into learning and practising the techniques without a proper warm-up.

Taekwondo uses all the major muscle groups, and your instructor will take you through a structured warm-up which will include increasing your heart rate at a steady pace as well as a stretching routine that will help avoid any injuries. You will also be shown the bowing process which happens at the start and end of the class.

Basic techniques

After the warm-up you will be shown some of the basic techniques of Taekwondo. These should be more than manageable for any level of fitness and will give you a good insight into Taekwondo and how it can be used for defence. It is here where you can decide if Taekwondo is going to be right for you or not.

You will have the chance to take regular breaks which will allow you the time to watch the more experienced students training so you can see what happens during a regular class.


At the end of the session, you will have been through some basic movements, including a simple punch and kick combination. With practice and regular training, you’ll develop the necessary speed, power and confidence that will make it work effectively.

As you progress further you will have the chance to spar with other students as well as learn varied and exciting kicks, strikes and blocking techniques all of which will help you to develop your skill level as well as teach you how to protect yourself.

But the benefits extend much further than the obvious physical rewards of training, attending classes consistently instills the way of Taekwondo into your mindset too, so you become more in control of your behaviour and choices.

We have a wide range of classes for both beginners and advanced students. If you are looking for a new direction or challenge in life, then come and try Pacific International Taekwondo Brisbane.


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