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My Black Belt Journey by Anabel Gonzalez

Halfway through high school I started training with Pacific International Taekwondo as a way to keep active and fit.

At the time I didn’t think about goals so didn’t plan to get my black belt. So, I soon reached 1st Kup with no plan to go any further.

After leaving school and taking a short break, I returned to continue training and keep active. Eventually I decided I wanted to try and go for my black belt. For a while I struggled to balance studies and work while also training, but eventually was able to get into a working routine. I was then able to dedicate time to pursuing a goal I never thought I would have the chance to ach


During this time my instructors encouraged and helped push my training to get to where I needed to be to achieve this goal. 8 years since my first class, I felt ready. So in July 2023 with the support from my instructors, family and close friends, I passed my black belt grading.

This journey has taught me many things, like patience, perseverance and discipline. Training with them helped show that I am capable of achieving what I put my mind to. It’s given me confidence, it’s taught me to respect myself and what I can do, as well as respect for the sport and the people who take the time to teach us.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to build confidence, or is looking to try something new or even just to stay active!



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