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Top Tips for Learning Your Taekwondo Forms

One of the best things about taekwondo, but also one of the hardest, is remembering the different forms and then perfecting them through practice.

If you are having a hard time in remembering your taekwondo patterns, then these are some tips that you can use to help you.

1. Practice One Part at a Time

In the beginning as you watch your instructor go through the entire form, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Then frustration sets in as you struggle through remembering each of the movements. But, if you take one section of the form at a time and learn it, you can move on to another section. Before you know it, you have the entire sequence down and then concentrate on perfecting the movements over time.

2. See What Each Move Means

This is a technique that many martial artists use to help them not only remember the form, but also know then to use them. When you think about each move and about what you are doing in each move, you can then see how they work into an attack. The other side of this is that you can also think about your defense and about your counter attack.

3. Walk Through Your Pattern Each Day

Everyone has heard, and probably knows, that in order to get your muscles to “remember” each of the movements within a pattern, or form, you must practice them a lot. Take some time each day to walk through them at different speeds. This will ingrain them into your muscles and help you to move with more fluidity rather than staggered and robotic.

4. Learn One Form at a Time

Many new taekwondo practitioners want to rush into learning everything that they can as quick as they can. However, when it comes to getting your forms down into a fluid motion you should not move onto another one until you learn the one you are working on. You do not have to be perfect in it, but should know it to the point where you are not stopping to think about it.

5. Consider Competitions

Many people will shy away from competitions until they believe that they can win it. But, in many instances just the thought of competing will spur you into learning the patterns, or forms, much quicker and with better fluidity. While you may not win the pattern competition, you can learn the pattern much quicker and enjoy the process.

Learning taekwondo forms can be quite challenging. Taking the time to practice and repeating each movement, while incorporating each of these movements, will help you to become not only good at the form, but able to teach and show others how to do them.



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