Top Tips for Learning Your Taekwondo Forms

One of the best things about taekwondo, but also one of the hardest, is remembering the different forms and then perfecting them through practice. If you are having a hard time in remembering your taekwondo patterns, then these are some tips that you can use to help you. 1. Practice One Part at a Time […]

What Makes a Good Instructor

It’s easy to think that good martial artists can automatically become good instructors. However that is not routinely correct in every case. Some people may train for many years and carry out techniques with power and perfect delivery, have great balance and focus …..they may have excellent understanding of the concepts of perfect technique and […]

What Makes a Good Taekwondo Student?

What makes a good Taekwondo student? You may think a good student is someone who can do fantastic jumping, flying and spinning kicks or has very fast techniques; or maybe someone who can smash through boards and stacks of tiles. Some students can do those things terrifically well and they may be excellent students too, […]