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Taekwondo Training – Lasting Results

Most adults begin Taekwondo training for the fitness benefits hoping it will be more engaging and absorbing than going to the gym or playing a sport, and it is, men and Teens get strength building comparable to a gym workout, and agility and flexibility that exceeds most other activities.

Pacific International Taekwondo, knee kick

Practicing knee kicks with pads

Taekwondo training develops your cardio-vascular system in a stimulating and inspiring way that makes sense.

But, there is a lot more to be gained from traditional Taekwondo than just exercise.


Taekwondo training develops life skills

Taekwondo, with its long history of traditional mind and body development, can instill life changing attitudes and teach valuable life skills that benefit both kids and adults in their personal life outside of training.

Whether it is learning how to find your own way to overcome problems, achieving goals, or understanding the value of hard work, martial arts gives men women and kids a lot more than simply physical exercise.

if you want to move away from boring gym workouts and mind numbing long runs, give Taekwondo a try. You’ll achieve peak all round physical fitness, enjoy stimulating and challenging training sessions, and develop important life skills that will benefit you in so many ways.

Here are some examples of just a few of the benefits you can gain from Taekwondo training.

Perseverance – Tenacity – Resilience  

People want to achieve goals, become fitter, richer, slimmer, and learn new skills, but many give up at the first challenge. This is why gym memberships are used only once, and second-hand shops are full of almost new musical instruments, keep-fit equipment, and a range of other goods that could yield highly satisfying results if only the user had learnt perseverance, tenacity, and resilience.

Taekwondo training is a succession of challenges that stretch men women and kids physically and mentally  and teaches them to face challenges and develop the skills to overcome them. Whether it’s learning a new technique or mastering a range of techniques for the next coloured belt on the path to the coveted black belt, the student, adult or child,  learns to relish the challenge, solve the problem, and enjoy the personal growth success brings. During this process qualities such as perseverance, tenacity, and resilience are discovered and strengthened.

The student learns that from failure comes self-development. They gain insights into their weaknesses, strengths, and thought processes. Limitations are experienced and pushed through leading to an expansion of capabilities.

Challenges in life outside of Taekwondo training are met and overcome in the same way. Problems at work for men and women, examinations in education for kids and difficult relationships, are no longer avoided or feared, they are faced with confidence, solutions are found, and the student becomes a stronger person for the experience.

Imagine all the times perseverance, tenacity, and resilience would have helped you in the past, and how it can benefit you in the future. When those qualities become part of your personality and you live with an “ I Can Do This” mindset, and a new future opens up.

Achieving goals through small improvements

Pacific International Taekwondo sparring

Taekwondo training, Junior grade teen and adult students, practicing sparring

To progress from one coloured belt to the next in Taekwondo is a big step, there are new moves and techniques to practice, learn, understand, and perform with confidence. It’s not easy, but thousands of students who were once complete beginners have succeeded. The key to achieving this success is the technique of breaking down big goals into small objectives and improving by small regular amounts. 

In a short time, this valuable self-development technique becomes second nature. The student starts to use it to achieve goals in all parts of their life: their career, education, and hobbies and pastimes. Perhaps this why Taekwondo practitioners become all round successful people. They instinctively know how to set a goal and achieve it through setting smaller objectives, just as they have learned to do from their teachers of this traditional martial art.

There are times when progress in Taekwondo feels slow. A particular part of the syllabus is challenging and difficult, just as happens in other areas of life. Through Taekwondo training the student knows that progress, no matter how small, will lead to achieving the goal. Each step forward along the path of the journey gets them closer to the goal. They know that even a 1% daily improvement is progress and it soon mounts up.

Hard work achieves worthwhile results

We live in times where many people seek instant gratification. We are surrounded by examples of get rich quick schemes, talent shows that can lead to instant fame, and short-cuts to riches. The numbers of people achieving success in this way is minimal. Many short-cuts are scams, even if a small success is gained the results can’t be replicated. There is no substitute for hard work focused on the right actions to achieve goals.

Taekwondo is a perfect example of honest effort being the only way to build solid progress that can be repeate.

Whatever benefits you want to gain from training in Taekwondo: self defence skills, confidence, weight loss, physical development, you will learn that hard work is the only way to gain lasting results. Hard work is the only way to achieve success that can be replicated and that you can rely on time and time again. If you want hard work and applied effort to become a habit, you should consider a trial lesson in Taekwondo. (Add link to trial lesson)

Cooperation not competition leads to humility that is admired

Unlike many modern martial arts, traditional Taekwondo is not a sport. We don’t hold competitions and there is focus on working with each other to move forward. The emphasis is on cooperation not competition, which leads to humility that is admired by others.

There are no celebrations for beating other students, bragging about winning, or arrogance and showing off. There is teamwork, cooperation and help from students who become friends. Rather than compete against each other, the real competition is with yourself. The challenge is to be better today than we were yesterday, and we help others to do the same.

Taekwondo training Brisbane

Pacific International Taekwondo – Grandmaster Dicks with Snr Insts and Instructors

This is the traditional method of learning martial arts. It promotes self-discovery and creates change as weaknesses are found and strengths developed. Students learn that progress is quicker and more meaningful when they cooperate. Traditional martial arts training is not a solitary experience, just as in life, goals are achieved quicker and more effectively by giving and receiving help. Through this approach students of traditional martial arts gain humility that is seen and admired by everyone they meet.

You can gain the above attributes and discover more about yourself through traditional Taekwondo training. We invite you to enjoy a 7 day training pass that gives you access to any branch for 7 days to see whether you think it’s for you. To accept this offer go to and click the ‘Download Your 7-day Trial Pass’link at the bottom of the page.






To an onlooker Pacific International Taekwondo training looks exciting and fun, and it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a teen or an adult, being able to punch, kick, jump and spar with speed and agility, break boards and execute powerful patterns, while having the added bonuses of being superfit and able to look after yourself is empowering and satisfying.

Learning Pacific International Taekwondo is a journey made up of learning… practicing… achieving… and progressing.  Students of all ages use this process at each belt level, becoming fitter and stronger at each grade.

The enjoyment is in overcoming a new and tricky movement, controlling your body to move faster, feeling physically stronger, pushing yourself to be more confident when sparring …it’s all about discovering what you can do when you try.  So, by the time you’re ready to apply for your black belt you feel physically fit, you’re confident and you’ve developed the strong mind-set expected of someone ready to become either 1st Dan Black Belt or Junior Black Belt with Pacific International Taekwondo.

The important thing to realise is that the challenge of each grade level is a stepping stone to the next. Enjoy the challenges, they are there for a reason. Don’t ‘cut corners’ on techniques. Learning to deliver movements correctly is what Pacific International Taekwondo is about. It’s that aspect of training that develops the perseverance, self-control and self-discipline Taekwondo is renowned for. So by the time the next grading comes along you know you’re carrying out every required technique correctly.

Practicing mental focus and trying hard is a great habit to develop, it delivers amazing results, not just for Pacific International Taekwondo training, the same habit works successfully on any area of interest.  Of course it’s normal to feel frustrated and discouraged at times but push through those feelings, focus on the goal, that’s how you learn to control your emotions. The grit and ‘never give in’ attitude that you develop with this habit will stay with you for life.

The belts are recognition of a student’s ability. How fast a student gains that ability is up to them. Some people train regularly with a focused attitude keen to progress quickly, others are more relaxed and content to go at a slower pace. It’s your choice.

For both kids and adults Taekwondo really is a never-ending, interesting journey of controlling mind and body, enjoy every moment!

Why Traditional Taekwondo Can Help Adults Achieve More in Everyday Life

Our Taekwondo training in Brisbane helps adults overcome the trials and tribulations of everyday life. It is not uncommon to face challenges, or to be confronted by obstacles so large they seem impossible to overcome. We all have times like these, when our willpower, strength, and dedication are tested to their limits. These are the defining moments in people’s lives; they can arise at any time and from the most unexpected source, even from a recreational activity such as the martial art training we do at Pacific International Taekwondo, Brisbane.

During martial art training, students develop not only their physical stamina and strength but also their willpower and commitment. It is not easy to continue training and pushing yourself to your limits, and then doing it again at the next training session just days later. But ask anyone who has done it, and they will tell you: there is nothing to compare with the sense of achievement it delivers. The ‘fight’ is worth it.

Without pushing ourselves, we can’t truly understand what we are capable of achieving. In fact, without challenge a person cannot grow; they stay in their current state lacking physical development and even insight into their own potential. It is a great loss for people to remain in this state; a loss to individuals who will never understand the opportunities they could reach and create, and a loss to society as the whole will never be greater than its parts.


Through martial art training we can defeat obstacles confronting us and continue growing and developing, individually and as a part of a whole. Though, this is easier said than done, and the process of growth is truly a struggle at times. It is a personal struggle, one which requires hard work and determination and produces life-enhancing rewards.


Without pushing ourselves, we can’t truly understand what we are capable of and improve it still further. In fact, without challenge a person cannot grow, they stay in their current state lacking physical development and even insight into their own potential. It is a great loss for people to remain in this state; a loss to individuals who will never understand the opportunities they could reach and create, and a loss to society as the whole will never be greater than its parts.

Learning a martial art like Taekwondo means using your body to learn the techniques, such as punching, kicking and blocking, and testing your physical strength. Through that rigorous exercise and repetition of precise techniques, each person improves their self-control, discipline, and dedication, and tests their character strength. It is challenging, but those with the resilience to persevere emerge from martial art training with an incredible sense of fulfilment and achievement, a feeling so gratifying that it cannot be fully explained in words.

This feeling makes it all worth it, and this feeling can only be achieved by winning the personal fight. Taekwondo training at Pacific International, Brisbane can equip you with the skills to win that fight.



Why do people get into martial art training? For most of us at Pacific International Taekwondo, the primary reasons had little to do with keeping our arteries clean or strengthening our bones! It was more to do with discovering an interesting and exciting way to learn defence and boost fitness.

Whatever reason YOU have for beginning Taekwondo training in Brisbane, you’ll also enjoy these 10 major health benefits – 10 very good reasons to continue with your martial art training!


  • It strengthens the heart. The heart is a muscle and like all muscles, its performance improves when it’s regularly challenged by exercise. The heart responds to exercise by becoming stronger and more efficient. Strengthening the heart muscle can help ward off heart disease.


  • It helps keep arteries and veins clear. Exercise reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol and fats in a person’s blood. It increases the flexibility of the walls of blood vessels and helps to lower blood pressure. This can reduce a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke.


  • It strengthens the lungs. Working hard increases lung capacity, and their efficiency in moving air in and out of the body. As a result, more oxygen is drawn into the body and more carbon dioxide and other waste gases are expelled. Regular exercise helps prevent the decline in oxygen intake that occurs naturally with age or, as a result of inactivity


  • It reduces blood sugar levels. Exercise prevents sugar from accumulating in the blood by triggering muscles to take up more glucose from the bloodstream and use it for energy. This can reduce a person’s risk of developing diabetes.


  • It controls weight. When a person is sedentary, he tends to be taking in more calories than are needed. These unused calories accumulate as fat. A person who is physically active may have a deficit of calories, which takes fat away and lowers weight. Lowered weight is good for the heart and can be beneficial in people with diabetes.


  • It strengthens bones. Just as muscles grow stronger when physically stressed, bones also respond by getting stronger. Exercise increases bone density, which helps prevent osteoporosis, a condition in which bones lose density, weaken, and become porous and fragile.



  • It helps prevent cancer. People who exercise regularly have lower incidences of cancer. The cancers most affected include colon, prostate, uterine, and breast cancers.


  • It regulates blood pressure. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels. As the levels of stress in a person’s body subsides, his blood pressure and his risk for heart disease decline.



  • It improves energy levels. Regular exercise often makes people feel more energetic, allows them to be more active, and reduces the likelihood that they’ll tire during the day.


  • It enhances emotional well-being. Most people report that they feel calm and have a sense of well-being after they exercise. Exercise, according to one theory, releases beta-endorphin, a natural substance in the body that is hundreds of times more potent than morphine. Another theory points to serotonin as the cause of the exercise high. Increased levels of serotonin in the central nervous system are associated with feelings of well-being, heightening of appetite, and lessening of mental depression. The weight loss that accompanies exercise can also cause people to feel better about themselves.
It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what you want to do in the future, if personal discipline is not present in your life you will flunk reaching your full potential

The Cambridge Dictionary describes self-discipline as the ability to make yourself do things when you should, even if you do not want to do them.

At the heart of martial art training is self-disciplineWhether you want success in your personal life or professional life, it all starts with a sensible ability to apply self-control through personal discipline. Personal discipline or the lack of it is the main reason that there is a clear line drawn in the sand which separates the successful, motivated individual from the ‘so-so’ lethargic individual who wants results without actively doing what is necessary to get them.

Today’s society as a whole has lost the essence of personal discipline, partly due to technology. Think about it. Business and technology move at the speed of light. Technology gives us so much instant comfort. In nearly everything we do we rely on computers, software and apps. These comforts are helping discipline disappear. Did you know that in South Korea, stadiums that hosted football matches at the 2002 FIFA World Cup are now packed to capacity with eSports fans, looking on at a new generation of ‘sporting’ heroes known as ‘e-sport gamers’? Yes, video game playing has been declared a sport. Sorry kids, not in my world! My point is that we are seeing a systematic downfall of the need to incorporate discipline and effort into our lives. It is up to each individual to face what needs to be done and get on with it, keeping discipline in the forefront of his or her life, and of course your children’s life if you are a parent.

Some people believe that regardless of what the body does, discipline is totally a state of mind. I disagree. From a martial art perspective, discipline must connect the body, the mind and the inner essence of ‘self’. Discipline is only achieved through consistency of being practised regularly and with a strong mindset.

Developing personal discipline is a daily battle within yourself at first, but there is nothing better to shape your character and resilience. Once you learn to dig deep it becomes a habit that can open the door to many other opportunities in life. Having strong personal discipline will strengthen your confidence, your courage and your mindset. You start needing it to fuel your life.

So how do you incorporate discipline into your life? Firstly you have to make a sincere decision that you want to change what is happening in your life right now. If you want to achieve better results in your studies or in your career path you have to take steps to make it happen. No one will do it for you. Yes, personal discipline will change your life from the ground up. Second, you must have a plan laid out and stick to it. This is where most people fail.

Begin easily by practicing your discipline on small easy to achieve mini goals you can start immediately. Examples would be waking up 15 minutes earlier three times each week and using the time for extra study or extra physical activity, (Taekwondo patterns!).  Note the word extra. This time is not for catching up on work you should have completed already, it’s for the extra work that puts you in front.

As you progress and your mindset starts getting stronger you can step it up and start waking up a little earlier, use the time to intensify your physical fitness, practise your Taekwondo patterns or drills, read books, organize your day, plan the week or month. The idea is to choose the actions that give you positive outcomes. Out of personal discipline grows fortitude, courage, heart and confidence.


Discipline can be achieved with simple actions. At the same time, it is not meant to be easy. If it was easy it would not be labelled as discipline. You are supposed to feel that you don’t want the bother of it, that’s what sets the successful individuals apart from those that dream about it. As it says on the T- shirt, ‘JUST DO IT!’

In the end, discipline will make you a stronger person, one that takes ownership of their life, has choices and lives life to the fullest. When it is all said and done every individual’s life is their story and personal discipline gives you the opportunity of achieving the happy ending you want.

You Can Do It! Martial Arts Brings Empowerment

Martial art training builds people up, not by giving them anything but rather by showing them they are capable of anything. That’s a key message at our Brisbane martial art classes, whether we’re teaching Taekwondo for adults, or Taekwondo for kids. You Can Do It!

Physical Empowerment

Your body can do incredible things. For people who train in a martial art, including those who attend our Brisbane Taekwondo classes, the beginning of their training is a period of self-discovery. In just the first few weeks, most have this stunning “Aha!” moment in which they realize their bodies are capable of things they never thought possible. It might be punching a bag on target or completing their first pattern, but there is almost always a revelatory moment during which a person realizes their bodies are capable of doing martial arts. This is why martial art training for children is very beneficial, especially for those who have struggled with poor behaviour; they learn they don’t need to misbehave in order to feel powerful, and that they are capable of gaining a much better feeling of control in their lives.


That same level of confidence we see starting with the very first Taekwondo class also becomes evident in all other areas of life. We feel stronger and more capable because we’ve faced our fears and worked hard in the training hall, and we realize we can also face our fears outside of training! The confidence that comes with martial art training doesn’t apply only to that activity; it pours out into the workplace, the classroom, the home and everywhere else we go.


Modern martial arts use the belt ranking system for a very good reason; it allows students to see their progress and to find a reward for their hard work and perseverance. Getting a black belt is a long process, and it’s not even the real goal of martial arts as there is SO much training, growth and reward on the other side of the black belt! By having a ladder stepped belt system, students in the martial arts are able to quantify the progress they know to be happening. It’s really an essential part of the empowerment that martial arts bring.

The immediate goal becomes to learn the techniques required to attain the next belt, then mastering and testing them to achieve that grade level. It isn’t long before students can look back on their progress and see they’ve learned a ton of skills without even realizing they were doing it! When you stay focused on the small goal in front of you before going onto the next small goal in succession, you can climb the mountain.

In the quest for self-improvement and for personal happiness, we learn that it is not other people who have the ability to bring our lives to where we want them to be. That power is right there within us, and martial art training teaches us how to harness that power. Therefore, it’s no exaggeration to say Taekwondo training, and your positive attitude, can change your world.

To learn how martial arts can help you to feel empowered, call (07) 3889 9551 for your free trial session.

People who aren’t part of the martial arts community are often misguided as to what it means to practice Taekwondo or to be a martial artist. Martial arts is not just a sequence of stylized fighting moves. Taekwondo isn’t a training hall of people, elaborately jumping and kicking together. And none of this is done so that a person can learn to go out into the world and beat people up.

Martial arts in general and Taekwondo in particular are so much more than that.

Martial arts are . . .

There are so many facets to martial arts practice, many that we would not normally assume, and some that are much more obvious. However even those facets that everyone knows are much more rich and complex than you might think.

Self Defense

The core reason for doing martial arts isn’t so that you can learn to hit other people, but you definitely do learn how to handle yourself should you be backed into a corner. Sometimes not defending yourself is not an option. Though martial artists are constantly attempting to avoid physical confrontations, sometimes it’s just not possible. When that happens it’s a great thing to be able to step up and defend yourself.


Martial arts is an incredible way to get fit. The body is trained to be its best, and with purpose. What’s truly different about training martial arts versus training at a gym is that the fitness comes almost as a bonus. The drive that gets you into the training hall is different to the drive that you need for the gym, and for most people it’s easier! You don’t need the same level of willpower to train that you need to go hop onto the treadmill (though there is another kind of satisfaction that comes from the gym style workout). Taking up martial arts is a perfect way for people who struggle with the gym to get fit.

There are other bonuses that come from getting fit with martial arts, things like improved flexibility and agility. While you won’t necessarily become a bigtime bodybuilder while learning a martial art, you will get a more toned body and find it easier to drop a few kilos that you might be eager to get rid of.


The confidence that comes with practicing martial arts is like almost nothing else. It’s truly remarkable. There is something special about learning to take care of yourself, and martial artists often find that they learn to do things that they never thought were possible. For those who have struggled with feeling good about themselves, there’s a new sense of joy and self worth that develops with practicing martial arts. You are capable of more than you ever imagined, and martial arts is a door to believing in yourself.



Movies really don’t do justice to the deep relationships that are developed through the practice of martial arts. Not only does a martial arts instructor take on the role of guiding you along the path and teaching you the movements, they push you to do things that you don’t think are possible. A great instructor helps you to see the wholeness of martial arts, and the positive influence that it can have on your life outside of the training hall. The instructor/student relationship in martial arts crosses over years, and is an incredibly satisfying part of this process. It’s pleasing to witness it, and even more enjoyable to be a part of it.



Training the mind is an essential part of martial arts. Concentration and meditation is a big factor in most martial arts, and it’s a way that martial artists can learn to access whole other sides of themselves. Breathing becomes a big part of martial arts, and can really help you to learn to calm your nerves and improve your focus. That means powerful stress relief. Combat martial art training allows you to take all of the pent up energy and stress that tend to stay bottled up and to release them in a positive way, safely in a controlled environment. This is a big reason that people who struggle with anger find peace in martial arts – not because they learn to fight but because they are able to let it all go, physically and psychologically.


What are the martial arts? They are a way to improve yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally. That improvement lets you tap into a you that you didn’t know was possible.

Our Taekwondo training sessions boost physical and mental fitness, and that is vitally important. Humans are not only physical creatures. We are essentially emotional ones. In order to live full and happy lives we need to know how to live emotionally healthy lives. Of course, a martial art school in Brisbane isn’t the obvious place people look to when thinking about emotional health – but maybe it should be! Learning a martial art, like Taekwondo at Pacific International, is a proven way to improve and strengthen emotional health.

How? Here are six ways.

  1. Creating Self Worth After Failure

The worst thing about life is that we often feel worthless when we fail. Training in a martial art teaches us that failure isn’t the end. In fact, it is a gateway to better things! For example, being unsuccessful at a grading is not a personal loss, it’s a time to stop and reflect on where we can improve.

  1. Combating Loneliness

Even in a world where we’re surrounded by people, we aren’t necessarily connected to them. The Taekwondo community at Pacific International is like no other, warm and welcoming while still pushing each class member to improve themselves. Shared growth and trial through physical effort is what creates a network of people who are really connected.

  1. Growing Self Esteem

Learning a martial art like Taekwondo is a great way to improve self-esteem and self-worth. Mastering a pattern in our training makes us feel great! Getting over our fear to learn to defend ourselves and to feel in control is an essential part of martial arts training, and it’s something that grows the self-esteem of everyone. And again, remember that the martial arts community is a supportive one, allowing each member to feel good about their ability to do great things.

  1. Halting Negative Thinking

Over thinking and agonising over the negative things in our lives happens to even the best of us. Martial arts break that cycle. It does this by shaking us out of our comfort zone, and by the body/mind integration it encourages. The physical aspect of a martial art like Taekwondo is a wonderful way to alter the mental state we’re in.

  1. Finding Meaning in Struggle

Struggle is something we all must face. Martial art training fosters the ability to overcome challenges and to find meaning in them. We do learn lessons and grow because of difficult times, but it can be very hard to see that when those challenges seem to be insurmountable, but in the training hall we’re able to fight small battles and to see our growth from them, which then translates to the ability to see the meaning in life struggles.

  1. Gaining Control

As martial artists, we learn not only that we have the ability to gain control over our lives, but we also learn how little control we really have. Something else we learn, is to be at peace with that lack of control. The truth is that in life, as in martial arts, we don’t have the ability to determine everything. What we do have the ability to do is to control how we react to the things in our life. That’s the true meaning of being a martial artist – mastery over self. It’s the key to emotional health, and one of the many benefits of training in Taekwondo at Pacific International Taekwondo, Brisbane.


As a Taekwondo instructor I teach life skills. I’m not talking about how to cook a meal, clean a house or even manage a family budget with finesse. No, the life skills I teach are far broader than this. You see, what happens during training goes way beyond kicking, punching, breaking wood, or even self-defence. When I get to the heart of it, what Taekwondo really teaches, above everything else, is purely and simply, mindfulness.

Mindfulness, is, in its essence, self-awareness. It begins with breathing and from here extends itself into every facet of an individual’s life.
During training, Taekwondo students undertake a range of movements requiring a combination of mental focus, technical skill and endurance. We perform these repetitively, until what is an activity requiring an immense amount of self-awareness, becomes instinctive. The ultimate outcome of this, is the development of a martial artist who can access an array of skills in any given situation spontaneously.

As I have suggested already, Taekwondo does more than create martial artists. This same focus upon self-awareness also develops the very real life skills of self-control, self-discipline, resilience and perseverance. Unfortunately we live in a world which values a high IQ as being the sole determining factor in success. Consequently, society often undermines the importance of self-awareness in achieving goals and succeeding in the School of Life.

I have often heard parents suggest about their children, “he isn’t very resilient,” or “she gives up too easily.” While this may be the case, and certain individuals may be inherently predisposed or not, to these and similar tendencies; participation in activities such as Taekwondo can assist to awaken or activate latent qualities related to self-awareness. Furthermore, there exists strong neuroscience to suggest significant correlations between children who undertake physical activity which specifically develops mindfulness, with the development of self-control. These same children have been found to be better equipped in later life to manage finances, succeed academically, while being less likely to engage in recreational drug use or smoking. Self-control, it follows, is the determining factor to success in life, not IQ as we are often led to believe.
This is significant evidence that all parents would do well to observe.

While it seems that any physical activity is beneficial, Taekwondo was isolated as having heightened benefits in the development of self-control, particularly where boys are concerned.
As far as I am concerned, the above is great news but I am hardly surprised. For many years I have observed the magic that is Taekwondo, for both children and adults. Of course talent can be an advantage, however this is irrelevant when it is not coupled with self-control and discipline. Taekwondo makes goals achievable with each grade (or belt) level earned, representing a chunking of skills that become more sophisticated as the student progresses through them. In fact, the grading system stands as a pertinent reminder of how our art imitates life.

Master Dicks


Losing weight is just one of the benefits of Taekwondo training. Any form of physical activity will benefit your health by burning calories, however certain types of exercise encourage your body to continue burning calories long after your exercise session has ended – that’s a great bonus isn’t it?! The aerobic and anaerobic demands of our Taekwondo training in Brisbane deliver an exercise regime ideally suited to losing weight.

In the mid 1970’s, Aerobics changed the way we exercised. It was ‘the’ way to fight flab. However, research shows that perhaps exercising aerobically for an hour or more is not as effective for losing body fat, and gaining lean muscle, than is exercising, anaerobically, for a much shorter time.

Anaerobic means without oxygen. Anaerobic fitness is the ability to deliver higher levels of energy to the muscles than can be supplied through the use of oxygen. It utilises phosphates and sugars within the muscles and bloodstream to provide energy. Anaerobic training allows the body to adapt to high-energy demands and creates a more efficient fuel delivery and waste removal system. Worldwide studies show that exercising anaerobically gets rid of excess body fat fast.


So how does it work? Anaerobic exercise consists of short bursts (30secs) of very high energy exercise that takes the muscle to exhaustion, then a recovery period of about 60 – 90secs (walking) then repeat about 6 to 10 times. When you exercise like this the body targets fat as its source of energy, and how’s this for a bonus – it continues burning fat for up to an hour after you stop training, even if you are lying down resting. Meanwhile, aerobic fitness is good for the cardio vascular system – the heart – and you’d have to be crazy to think that wasn’t important

So, if you are going to exercise, it makes sense to combine both aerobic and anaerobic activities for best results and that’s what will happen when you join us at our Taekwondo classes in Brisbane. An hour of continuous training, interspersed with fast hard sparring, is just what you are looking for.