How Old Do Kids Need to Be to Take Taekwondo Classes in Brisbane?

How old do kids need to be to take Taewkondo classes in Brisbane

Parents often ask how old do kids need to be to take Taekwondo classes in Brisbane? The answer is that while some places around the world offer beginner classes for younger children, at Pacific International we think the age of 7 upwards is the ideal time to start for kids. By this age, kids have […]

Kids Taekwondo near me

How old do kids need to be to take Taewkondo classes in Brisbane

Kids Taekwondo Near Me A lot of kids love contact sports and getting into play-fights, as any parent will tell you. Getting your child into a martial art like taekwondo not only gives them something exciting and engaging to do but it can also improve discipline, increase focus and encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle […]

Why kid’s martial arts training is so important

Why kids martial arts training is so important

What is Martial arts?   The term ‘’Martial arts’’ encompasses various activities based on self-defence and counter-attacking techniques. The most important thing to know about taking part in these activities is that no matter what age or gender the participant is, everyone has the ability to succeed.   Kids martial arts classes are a popular […]

Taekwondo Training to become a Junior Black Belt – What Every Parent Should Know

Think of all the ways your child would benefit throughout their life if you gave them the opportunity to develop a mind-set for achieving success. What if they got into the habit of attaining big objectives from a young age by working to reach smaller goals? Look forward and see what a positive impact it […]

How technology is impacting child development and what you can do about it

The way children play, learn, and interact has been dramatically changed by technology. In just 20 years, traditional games, playing outdoors, and physical connection with their environment has been replaced by a virtual world viewed on various screens and devices. Many young children can use mobile phones and tablets better than some adults, they have […]

Taekwondo For Kids: Learning How To Cope With Daily Life

Our Taekwondo classes for kids are regular reminders that martial art training does more than teach physical skills. Life lessons are learned and character is strengthened during our classes at Pacific International Taekwondo in Brisbane; this is great for parents who want the best for their kids but are unsure how to help them succeed. […]

Why Your Child Needs You to Support their Martial Arts Training

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There’s a popular idea among some parents today that they need to accept their kids opinion no matter what the endeavour may be. And it’s certainly true that kids need to feel their…