Karate Vs. Taekwondo (popular martial arts)

Taekwondo for confidence

The most popular martial arts in Australia varies depending on the region and the source of information, but according to several studies and surveys, it appears that karate is one of the most popular martial arts in Australia. A study conducted by Roy Morgan Research in 2019 found that karate was the second most popular […]

Taekwondo for Adults

Taekwondo lessons for adults

In recent years Taekwondo has developed an image as being for kids, but there are many benefits of taekwondo for adults. The traditional way of instructing tkd instils strong defense skills as well as a sense of empowerment. These are powerful things to possess or learn at any age. At our Taekwondo for Adults classes […]

Taekwondo Lessons

taekwondo lessons

Taekwondo is more than just a sport. But the martial art from Korea, is so much more than that. A transformation happens within you, as you train. It’s not something you plan for or expect, it just happens.

5 Positive Benefits of Adult Taekwondo

Is Taekwondo good for self-defence?

The popularity of Taekwondo has increased exponentially through the years. And lately Adult Taekwondo is right there, being pursued by women and men 18+ years of age. Naturally. Although its influences are thousands of years old, what we recognise as Taekwondo today began after the Second World War in 1946. It found favour with students […]

How Fit Do I Have to Be for Adult Taekwondo Classes?

We get many adults from all walks of life coming to our adult Taekwondo classes. While a certain level of fitness is important if you want to get the most out of this amazing martial art, everyone starts from a different base. Your first Taekwondo class is about learning a few basic moves rather than […]

How Adults Taekwondo Classes Can Help You Manage Stress

Adults Taekwondo classes can help you manage stress, but there are many misconceptions that come with martial art training so many people are unaware of it’s real value. From what we see on social media it seems that martial art training focuses only on punching, kicking, striking and physicality – this is not true. It […]

How long does it take to master Taekwondo

People take up a martial art like taekwondo for a variety of reasons. Some love it for the exercise, the social engagement and sense of community you get with joining a local club. Others know they want to take their training seriously and have a commitment to achieving their black belt from the day they […]

Beginner Martial Art Classes for Adults

Brisbane has a thriving martial arts community that welcomes beginners enthusiastically. In recent times, many people either looking to get fit or develop a new skill have signed up for classes. If you are searching for something different, exciting and which is guaranteed to get you fit and focused, there’s no better place to start […]

How Centring Can Improve Adults Taekwondo Performance

Whether it’s a regular Taekwondo training session or a grading, you will sometimes find yourself distracted. You might be worried about something at home or work, be anxious about your performance or simply find an outside distraction, such as the watching crowd, interfering with your concentration. Focus is important in Taekwondo. But how do you […]

How To Get Fit – Again

We all know that staying fit is important not only for physical health but that it also has huge benefits for mental well-being. Many of us get into bad habits for one reason or another. We stop going to the gym, put on weight and before long find ourselves a little less flexible and robust […]