How Teens Taekwondo Classes Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

boys practice taekwondo stances

Why Teens Feel Stress Teens face tough challenges in the process of growing from kid to adult. It’s hardly surprising that many say they feel stressed and anxious at times.  They face the demands of academic pressure combined with satisfying parental expectations, uncertainty about their future, plus the difficulty of making good choices in their […]

Stress and Anxiety and Taekwondo

Using Martial Arts to Combat Teens Health Issues Teenagers face plenty of challenges in the process of growing from kid to adult. It’s not surprising many say they feel anxious or even depressed. They face the challenges of academic pressure combined with satisfying parental expectations and maybe feelings of uncertainty about their future. Then there […]

Taekwondo Lessons

taekwondo lessons

Taekwondo is more than just a sport. But the martial art from Korea, is so much more than that. A transformation happens within you, as you train. It’s not something you plan for or expect, it just happens.

Believing in Yourself – the First Secret to Success in Taekwondo

Believe in yourself- the first secret to success

Believing in yourself is easy, but it has limits. We believe we can reach the goals we set for ourselves, but only so far. We might wish we could go further but deep down inside, the perception we have of ourself doesn’t really believe we have what it takes to get past average and become […]

Where Can I find Taekwondo Classes for Teens in Brisbane?

If you are searching for taekwondo lessons specifically aimed at teens and young adults in the Brisbane area, the good news is there’s plenty to choose from. At Pacific International Taekwondo Brisbane, we run a range of different classes throughout the week in places such as Albany Creek, Nambour and Dutton Park. The even better […]

Beginner Taekwondo Class for Teens

Taekwondo beginner martial arts classes allow teenagers with no prior Taekwondo or martial arts training to learn the basics of the martial art as well as gain confidence. During these beginner classes the instructor will teach at a slower pace which helps the new students understand all the requirements of the Taekwondo techniques. Below we […]

4 Reasons Why Taekwondo Is Perfect For Teenagers

If you want both you and your teenage kids to get through their adolescence in the healthiest and most agreeable way possible, it’s a good idea to encourage them into joining some kind of exercise program. Not something dull and boring that they’ll complain about and quit after a couple of weeks. No, it should […]

Martial Arts Discipline Shapes the Lives of Teens

Taekwondo for teens

Discipline is the distance between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn A central element of all martial arts is the self-discipline that builds a students level of success in their training. Pacific International Taekwondo runs Taekwondo classes Brisbane wide, and in each and every location, you’ll hear instructors explain about the importance of self-discipline in […]