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Where Can I find Taekwondo Classes for Teens in Brisbane?

If you are searching for taekwondo lessons specifically aimed at teens and young adults in the Brisbane area, the good news is there’s plenty to choose from.

Taekwondo for teens in Brisbane

At Pacific International Taekwondo Brisbane, we run a range of different classes throughout the week in places such as Albany Creek, Nambour and Dutton Park. The even better news is that we offer the first couple of classes for free so teens can get a feel for what this martial art involves and then decide whether they want to learn more.

Participants don’t need any specialist equipment or uniform – all they need to do is turn up in comfortable clothing with an open mind and desire to have some fun. We believe in total inclusivity and welcome teens from all backgrounds and have a good mixture of both genders.

Is Taekwondo Suitable For Teens?

Yes. Our taekwondo classes for teens in Brisbane are very popular. Like many martial arts, this one is about more than just learning fighting and defensive moves. It delivers a wide range of benefits from how to set effective goals and build resilience to improving fitness and becoming more independent and self-confident.

Teens don’t immediately head into sparring when they join a taekwondo class. They need to learn the basics as a group first. When they do take part more fully it is only when they have reached a certain level and are safe to participate.

The people who teach our taekwondo classes for teens in Brisbane are highly trained and experienced at working with kids of all ages. Some have more than 40 years of experience running classes both here and around the world.

Is Taekwondo Popular in Brisbane?

Again, the answer is yes. We’d say that taekwondo is probably the most accessible and popular martial art in the area and hundreds of teens try out our free classes every month. Our classes are equally popular with girls as well as boys and there’s a real sense of community at all our sessions.

One of the things parents like about the sport is that they don’t have to invest in any expensive equipment until their teen has decided this is what they want to take further.

Parents can spend a lot of money on equipment for various sports. In our classes, the biggest investment is probably going to be for the uniform, the rest of the equipment we have onsite at our class.

What Happens During a Taekwondo Class?

The first few taekwondo classes are all about learning the basic moves and discovering a bit about the philosophy of this amazing martial art. We try to keep it as fun as possible while putting new members through their paces. If it’s your first class, you’ll be joining in with others who may have more experience. Don’t worry, just go at your pace and have fun, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Is There a Taekwondo Class in Brisbane Near Me?

Brisbane is a pretty popular place for taekwondo classes for teens and there are a few different organisations. At Pacific International Taekwondo Brisbane, we hold classes throughout the week in the following areas:

Albany Creek, Arana Hills, Balmoral, Bracken Ridge, Chermside, Dakabin, Dutton Park, Mt Gravatt, Nambour, Slacks Creek, Stafford, and Toowong.

The first couple of lessons for teens are free and run for about an hour each. If you’re interested, simply book online and come along with nothing more than a set of comfortable clothes. The classes are taken by qualified instructors who have a great deal of experience working with young children and teens.




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