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What Makes a Good Instructor

It’s easy to think that good martial artists can automatically become good instructors. However that is not routinely correct in every case. Some people may train for many years and carry out techniques with power and perfect delivery, have great balance and focus …..they may have excellent understanding of the concepts of perfect technique and wide knowledge of Taekwondo…but that still doesn’t make them good instructors. So what does? …

Answer. The ability to explain those concepts to others –
and relate to students level of ability and grasp of what is required.

As well as displaying techniques Instructors should be able to explain every concept and technique in a clear and simple way so that the student can easily understand what is required. After all, while it’s inspiring to see a jumping spinning heel kick performed perfectly, it doesn’t really help you learn how when you’re starting out.

There are three important requirements of a good instructor…
1. Understanding how a technique works.
2. The ability to display how it works.
3. The ability to explain how it works.

And one vital requirement of a good instructor….
Consideration … A good instructor shows consideration for his students. Every student is different so an instructor should try to see the individual as well as the student….help the student through the highs and lows of training to eventual success. Consideration for a student will encourage him or her to greater effort.

The instructor’s personality plays a very important role in their teaching capacity.
Instructors should treat every student with respect, they should not expect respect due to the belt they are wearing, but for the person they are.

General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwondo said…. “a good instructor will teach anywhere anytime.”… what he was saying was, be dedicated to passing on your knowledge to those who are willing to train hard to gain that knowledge.

Can all martial artists become good instructors? Yes, I think so. It takes practise and genuine desire to pass on the Art successfully but providing a person is willing to try on all levels, yes they can do it.

What do you think?


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