Which martial arts make you fit?

Taekwondo makes you fit

Which martial arts make you fit? One of the reasons why people do martial arts is to get fit. Taekwondo exercises, for example, improve core strength, build muscles in the legs, arms and chest and boost lung capacity as well as improve stamina and mental health. At our Taekwondo classes in Brisbane, learners are often […]

Kids Taekwondo near me

How old do kids need to be to take Taewkondo classes in Brisbane

Kids Taekwondo Near Me A lot of kids love contact sports and getting into play-fights, as any parent will tell you. Getting your child into a martial art like taekwondo not only gives them something exciting and engaging to do but it can also improve discipline, increase focus and encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle […]

Why kid’s martial arts training is so important

Why kids martial arts training is so important

What is Martial arts?   The term ‘’Martial arts’’ encompasses various activities based on self-defence and counter-attacking techniques. The most important thing to know about taking part in these activities is that no matter what age or gender the participant is, everyone has the ability to succeed.   Kids martial arts classes are a popular […]