Unique Advantages of Taekwon-Do

UNIQUE ADVANTAGES OF TAEKWON-DO “The study of Taekwon-Do offers several unique advantages…” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.1, p.69) – Taekwon-Do training promotes good health. Nothing can be compared to good health. The entire body is trained in a holistic manner, which enhances good health. – Taekwon-Do can be practised individually or in groups. Individual […]

Philosophy of Taekwon-Do

PHILOSOPHY OF TAEKWON-DO (Taekwon-Do Chul hak) “The philosophy of Taekwon-Do is based on the ethical, moral, and spiritual standards by which men can live together in harmony, and its art patterns are inspired by the ideas and exploits of great men from Korean history.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.1, p.89) Gen. Choi opines the […]

Moral Culture in Taekwon-Do

MORAL CULTURE IN TAEKWON-DO (Jungshin Sooyang) “In Taekwon-Do a heavy emphasis is placed on moral culture, for it not only promotes a healthy body and keen mind but good sportsmanship and the perfection of moral behavior. […] the more disciplined and cultivated the mind is, the more disciplined and cultivated will be the student’s use […]