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Martial Art or Martial Sport – Which Is For You?

The Purpose of Ki-Hap and How to Ki-Hap Correctly

Martial Arts as a Business

Tricking and Martial Arts

Martial Arts and Misdirection

Martial Arts Ministry

Martial Arts and Leadership

Push-Pull in Martial Arts

Martial Arts and Happiness

Martial lessons learnt from the animal kingdom

Business lessons learnt from martial arts

How military strategies are used in martial arts

Which is the best martial art for street fighting?

Women and Martial Arts

Pressure Points and Martial Arts

Pacific International Taekwondo wishes a very Happy New Year 2024

Martial Arts and Movies

Outstanding Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Martial arts education: Offline, Online, and Blended methodologies

Martial Arts and Motivation

Martial Arts as an Academic Qualification

Martial Arts as a Sport

Martial Arts Animation

Code of honour in martial arts

Physics and its Application in Martial Arts

Telehealth and Telemedicine for martial artists

Timing in martial arts

Angles in martial arts

A brief history of martial arts

Sleep and its importance in martial arts

Understanding distance or range in martial arts

Handling nervousness before a fight

Physical conditioning in martial arts

Centre of gravity or mass, base of support, balance, and stability in martial arts

About injuries in martial arts or sports

How martial arts can help to curb violence against women

Emotional content in martial arts

Martial Arts Tourism

Periodization in traditional Taekwon-Do

Martial Arts Therapy

Welcoming 2023 with Well-Being

Philosophical concepts: The “arts” in martial arts

Types of combat in martial arts

Studies show Taekwondo benefits children in multiple ways

Understanding human breathing and breathing in martial arts

Spirituality in martial arts

Producing the “snap” sound

Using whips and moving the body like a whip in martial arts

Using the hips in martial arts

Joint locks in martial arts

Understanding the Sine Wave in Taekwon-Do

Breaking in martial arts

Sparring in martial arts


Instructor, Good Instructor, Great Instructor, Super Instructor

Footwork and its common types

How to kick with accuracy, speed and power?

Super-compensation and Over-training

Warm-up and Cool-down in Taekwondo

Adaptability, Flexibility and Resilience in Taekwondo

The importance of stretching

Understanding Action/Reaction in Taekwondo

Where to look while sparring or fighting?

Three common misconceptions about patterns (tuls)

One fundamental movement is enough to end a fight

Tips and Expert Tips for Practising a Pattern (Tul)

It’s not just about fitness goals. It’s about building solid habits

Are Taekwon-Do patterns (tuls) useful in a real fight?

Mindset Matters in Taekwondo Training

How forceful and how fast are kicks and punches in Taekwondo?

How Taekwondo Teaches Us Patience

Taekwondo may help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Believing in Yourself – the First Secret to Success in Taekwondo

Taekwondo enhances physio-psycho-social development

Taekwondo Brisbane for Training and Living

Where Can I find Taekwondo Classes for Teens in Brisbane?

Is Taekwondo good for self-defence?

Taekwondo Training. “If Not Now, When?”

How Fit Do I Have to Be for Adult Taekwondo Classes?

How Old Do Kids Need to Be to Take Taekwondo Classes in Brisbane?

How Adults Taekwondo Classes Can Help You Manage Stress

How many days a week should you train for Taekwondo

Beginner Taekwondo Class for Teens

Which martial art is best for self-confidence?

How long does it take to master Taekwondo

Which martial arts make you fit?

What happens in Taekwondo lessons?

Can you use Taekwondo in a fight?

How to Find Free Taekwondo Classes Near Me

Kids Taekwondo near me

Beginner Martial Art Classes for Adults

Does Taekwondo Benefit Mental Fitness

Why kid’s martial arts training is so important

Self-Regulation and Staying in Control for Taekwondo

How Centring Can Improve Adults Taekwondo Performance

How To Get Fit – Again

Feeling Covid Stress?

5 Life lessons you learn from Taekwondo training

The Value of Believing in Yourself

How your subconscious mind can help your martial art training

4 Reasons Why Taekwondo Is Perfect For Teenagers

In a Slump? Renew Your Spark with Traditional Taekwondo

Taekwondo in Your 30’s

4 Surprising Lessons You Can Gain from Taekwondo for Adults Classes

How Taekwondo Can Help You Become a Standout

3 outstanding ways that Taekwondo can change your life

How Pacific International Taekwondo can change the way you think about exercise

How Taekwondo Connects Your Mind and Body

Taekwondo Training to become a Junior Black Belt – What Every Parent Should Know

How technology is impacting child development and what you can do about it

You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying

You Don’t Get Into Taekwondo – Taekwondo Gets into You

How Pacific International Taekwondo Helps To Develop Good Habits

Taekwondo For Kids: Learning How To Cope With Daily Life

Mental Toughness vs. Physical Toughness in Taekwondo Training

Train for more than just your body

Taekwondo – A Free Trial of This Exciting Martial Art

Women, Fear, and Stepping into A Martial Art

Martial Arts Discipline Shapes the Lives of Teens

Falling Down and Getting Up is the Essence of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Empowers and Energizes Teens

Traditional Taekwondo for Adults Delivers more than Defence and Fitness

Get to Know Taekwondo

Top 10 Health Benefits of Martial Art Training

The Good News is… You Are in Control

You Can Do It – Martial Art Training Brings Empowerment

The Seven Annoying Habits of a Martial Art Fanatic

5 Ways to Give More to Your Martial Arts Training

We Are A Traditional Martial Art-But What Does That Actually Mean?

How Structure and Discipline Work Hand in Hand in Martial Arts

Martial Arts – Enjoyable Training With Like Minded People

Getting More Out of Life With Martial Art Training

Coordination and Focus in Martial Arts

5 Myths About The Quest For a Black Belt

The Value of Blocking Techniques

Discipline – How it Can Be Enjoyable

Why Your Child Needs You to Support their Martial Arts Training

What Are The Martial Arts?

The Benefits of Taekwondo Training for Women & Girls

6 Ways Martial Art Training Improves Emotional Health

Physical Strength Isn’t The Key to a Black Belt

Martial Arts for Teens: Physical Activity with Academic Outcomes

Taekwondo – Life Tools

The Lightbulb Moment

Training With Power

Follow ‘The Way’

Pushing Through Your Training

The Difference Between Doing and Using

Teaching Kids for Kids: A Real Responsibility And A Joy

Hard Training Is The Only Way

7 Steps To Developing Technique

Is Taekwondo Good For Weight Loss

Why Does Martial Art Training Give You Confidence

What is all the noise about?

Tips On Taekwondo Free Sparring

How Intense Is Your Intent

Being Strong Takes Far More Than Just Muscle

We Need to Let Our Children Fail

Training Every Day is Demanding!!! Not if You Train Daily Like This

Essential Mental Strength


Sometimes I punch my children or use my elbows, but only when they are too close to kick

Social Training For Knowledge

Welcome to 2014

Making The Most Of What You’ve Got

I Couldn’t Wait To Put My Hand Up

The Female Perspective

Combine Breathing Stretching and Meditation

My Thoughts On Taekwondo

Martial Art Hardiness

Fire up Your Training

Changes In Taekwondo Good Or Bad?

Getting Fit – You Have To Enjoy It

Top Tips for Learning Your Taekwondo Forms

What Makes a Good Instructor

What Makes a Good Taekwondo Student?

The Taekwondo Struggle – part 1